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Healthy Snack List

For Birthday Treats and Classroom Parties

Fruit Tray-with or without low fat yogurt dip Vegetable Tray-with or without low fat dip Cheese-low fat, string, cubes (individually packaged) 

Yogurt-low fat (individual cups) 

Dried Fruit (individually packaged) Graham crackers (individually packaged) 

Ginger Snaps (individually packaged) Fig bars (individually packaged) Rice Cakes (individually packaged) 

Ice Cream or Sherbet (individual cups) 

Animal crackers (individually packaged) Almonds, nuts (individually packaged) 

Trail mix (individually packaged) 

Welch Mixed fruit chews (individually packaged) 

Peanut Butter or Cheese Crackers (individually packaged) 


100% fruit juices-Juicy Juice (individually packaged) 

Water (individual water bottles) 

Milk-any flavor (individual container)

Fruit Juice Coolers (individually packaged) 


girl in chef hat holding plate of food