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Attendance Procedures

We believe, and research confirms, that consistent attendance in school is a vital element in the overall success of a child in school.  Attendance is also required by state law.  Recently IC 20-20–8-8 was amended to define habitual truancy to include students absent ten (10) days or more within a school year without being excused or without being absent under a parental request filed with the school.  Chronic absenteeism includes students absent from school for ten percent or more of a school year for any reason at which time the Child Protective Services and/or Probation Offices may be contacted by the school for further investigation.   

Absences after 10 days will be marked as unexcused without a doctor’s statement.  These medical notes must be brought to school no later than two days after the absence.  Backdated medical notes will not be accepted.  Students who have reached 7 counted absences in one semester without a doctor’s statement will not be eligible to participate in field trips or other extracurricular activities.  

When your child will be absent, we ask that you please call the school to notify the office of this absence each day.  This call will allow us to notify the classroom teacher of the absence and mark the absence in our computer attendance system to avoid you receiving an automated remainder phone call notification of the absence.  We have a messaging system, so please leave an appropriate message containing the student’s name and reason for the absence if we are unable to answer the phone in person.  

There are legitimate reasons for an absence which include:  illness, fever (must be fever free without the aid of medication for 24 hours), funeral, hospitalization, Dr. appointment, etc…  Please do not hesitate to inquire in the office if you have a question concerning an absence.  

There are times when “life-happens” and you arrive to school late. The tardy bell will sound at 8:05 a.m. each morning. If you arrive at this time or after, please enter the building through the Main Entrance using the West Side driveway off of East National Hwy.  You will need to park in the Main Entrance parking lot and bring them to the front doors.  The drive that leads directly to the Main Entrance doors must remain clear of vehicles to allow bus transportation to arrive and depart freely. Students with excessive tardiness may be subject to disciplinary actions ranging from loss of privileges to suspension.